For readers and writers alike.

Books reviewed on this site will either be literary fiction e-books or small press paperbacks

Here you will find reviews of literary fiction from writers either under the auspices of a small press or who have gone it alone and have self published. There are countless review sites for e-books covering  all kinds of genres, but not so many when it comes to literary fiction.

With the advent of this brave new digital word we are now facing, more and more people are finding their voice and a means of broadcasting it. The sheer volume of text, content, literature, call it what you will, can seem bewildering and overwhelming. In the past, you either had the canon, or the well practised eye of an established publishing house, or even the well respected opinions of a newspaper reviewer to guide you through the mass of literature that surrounds us. And, you still do, but these ‘gatekeepers’  rarely wander into the digital world.

And that’s where this site comes in.

Of course, what counts for literature is a complex and subjective hot potato, but one I look forward to debating. The books that I select to review will be, by virtue of their presence on this site, in my opinion, worthy of the label literature.





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